• Aliphatic Polyurethane formula.
  • Interior or exterior use.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Excellent durability and product versatility.
  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Contains no lead pigments

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Highly industrial, high gloss, two-component aliphatic polyurethane coating, specially formulated to provide outstanding durability and unsurpassed chemical resistance. It’s a special formula on provides excellent resistance to abrasion, industrial chemical cleaners, impact abuse, alkalis, acids, salt water sprays, and industrial cleaning. It’s superior durability provides an excellent high gloss finish and its performance quality will far exceed that of conventional type coatings, such as alkyd enamels or industrial air-dry enamels. For interior and exterior use.

The ensure surface area to be finished should be clean, dry, and free from all dirt, grease, oils, waxes, mildew, and any other surface contaminants. Surfaces must be free of any paint, sealers, etc. The surface needs a slight profile (roughness), sanding the surface or a light acid bath will accomplish this profile.

This is a two-component, 4:1 ratio mixture that must be properly mixed together before application. Thoroughly stir Part A
component and pour into a separate container. Add Part B component and stir thoroughly again. There is no induction period.
Once you have thoroughly mixed both components, the product mix should be applied within 2 hours. It is recommended to apply 2 thin coats using a 1/4” mohair or 3/8” phenolic core nap roller. Always maintain a wet edge by brushing/rolling into previously applied coating area. If applying with an airless sprayer, be sure to advise Advanced Surfaces when placing your order. It is recommended to use a unit with a minimum of 2000 psi of pressure, with a 0.013‐0.015 fluid
spray up. During spray application, back roll the surface area to ensure proper adhesion and an even coat application. If applying the recommended second coat, you must wait approximately 3‐4 hours for the initial coat to be tack-free before applying the second coat. The second coat must be applied within 24 hours, otherwise, the initial coat will need to be sanded down in order for the second coat to adhere. If applying a skid guard additive or glass beads, hand broadcast this additive onto the second coat while still wet.

Apply when surface and ambient temperatures are above 55° & below 90°F.

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