Rough Cut Ashlar


Dimension: 24″ x 24″

Texture:Rough hand-tooled stones arranged in an Ashlar pattern.



When ordering concrete stamps for a particular job, a good rule to thumb is to order enough stamps
to span the width of the job, and two rows deep. For example, 24′ X 24′ stamp to span a 16″ width,
would be 8 stamps, by two rows deep would be a total of 16 stamps.

Colors: Some concrete stamp patterns come in two or three different colors. This simply indicates that the stone
configuration varies. The texture is the same. For example, a Rough cut ashlar pattern is available in red, yellow, and blue.

Texture Stamps are normally used with, and designed for use with Color Hardener and Release Agent.
When used with a texture stamp, Color Hardener and Release achieves the two-tone texture and natural beauty
of the stone. Texture stones may be used in other applications. Please check with us.
All Stamps are special ordered – Approximate 2-week delivery

Each mat is priced individually. The manufacturer recommends “Stamps per set”. You determine the number needed.


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